We provide superior wholesale brokerage services and trading support with a global reach. We offer a range of services covering equities, fixed income, rates, equity derivatives, credit derivatives, futures and structured products.

We are expert on our fields with emphasis on being always on the cutting edge technology and recruiting just the best talent. Staffed by an international mix of professionals, accessing an advanced and growing technology capability,

we have developed a reputation for intelligent and effective strategies in all areas. Our solution provides a single point of access to global markets for trading across multiple asset classes

Fixed Income

FCS Capital Markets Limited provides sales, trading and other institutional services. We work with the clients to execute strategies (from yield enhancement and leveraging solutions to hedging and risk management).

FCS Capital Markets Limited execution capability covers a broad range of fixed income products (investment grade products, government, financial and corporate bonds). We also provide access to high-yield, Asset Backed Securities, emerging market and convertible bonds.


Cash Equities

We provide a full service global execution platform for cash equities and ETFs and our dedicated team delivers an efficient and cost effective service across all time zones. Our dedicated traders, with years of experience working for Investment Banks and Tier1 Broker dealers, are capable to bring a superior execution, and work VWAP, TWAP, Pairs Trading, Iceberg Orders… upon client´s needs and requests, always guaranteeing full anonymity On ETFs, FCS Capital Markets Limited provides Primary market access via the creation/redemption facility and we can handle all type of orders.

Our Sales Desk is able to generate first class trading strategies and ideas that create alpha generation opportunities for our clients. Offering full service up to outsourced trading, there’s no conflict, no compromise. We have absolute return trading strategies available for our clients, while looking for long- medium term investments but capable to trade short term volatility if the opportunity arises, sometimes driven by macro and fundamental approaches.

Structured Products

Structured products (certificates) allow pay-out profiles that are not feasible with traditional investments such as stocks or bonds. For each risk profile and for every market situation, solutions can be developed, which offer the investor special advantages, such as the payment of a guaranteed coupons, participation in an underlying or capital protection.

The appropriate use of Structured Products and Derivatives therefore makes it possible to tap into new sources of income and better diversify the portfolio risk.

Individualized products provide efficient access to various investment themes and trends. There is a suitable solution for every market expectation and risk appetite. We have extensive market knowledge of all assets classes that enables us to provide our clients with pricing that successfully competes with the largest international banks.

FCS Capital Markets has established strong trading relationships with derivatives market makers and note issuers in the City of London and across the world, enabling us to offer our clients a comprehensive and innovative range of Structured Products.

Our service extends across the entire life cycle of the product, from the inception of an idea to the maturity of the note. Additionally FCS Capital Markets ensures an efficient execution and a prompt settlement, in collaboration with our clearing partners.

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Primary Markets

We have an experienced team specialised to provide market colour on stocks, bonds, macro and market strategy, market colour and to global Fixed Income issues and global IPOs.


This is one of the key areas of expertise of FCS Capital Markets Limited We bring deep analysis on derivatives options, developing our own research on volatility, skew analysis, correlations… coupled with our proprietary quant tools that are available for our customers. We provide capital preservation strategies, based on the personal client needs and cost- efficient recommendations in order to optimize the equity portfolio of the customer.

FCS Capital Markets Limited gives clients market colour and ideas for portfolio return enhancement strategies using listed index ETF derivatives, options on select futures, and single stock options. Through our network of market makers, we bring liquidity across indices and single stocks markets.


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